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Personal growth is the process of continuous self-improvement. This blog providesguidance on developing new skills, overcoming obstacles, and achieving personal goals.

Personal growth can include but is not limited to:

● Regulating our emotions and beating negative thought patterns.

● Overcoming laziness and procrastination.

● Willing to take the risk to move out of your comfort zone, and new things, and evenlearn new skills.

● Understanding that some things cannot be changed, and that our control over

external affairs and other people, is limited.

● Better relationships, both personally and professionally.

● Working towards achieving your personal goals.

● Feeling a sense of pride, achievement and hope in your life.


It’s important to be self-aware and self-reflective in deciding what it is you want to achieve, what obstacles you want to overcome, and even where you want to see yourself five years from now. What do you want to work towards?

A few questions you might ask yourself can include:

● What values are important to me?

● What do I want to start doing?

● What do I want to stop doing?

● How do I want this process to benefit others in my life?

● What do I want to get out of this process personally?

● What kind of person, or character traits would I like to have?

For example, what do I want to start doing?

“I want to better control my emotional reactions when things don’t go my way, and become

more self-aware.”

It can be helpful to make a personal self-growth plan, but such a plan need to be

elaborate. It could be as simple as taking time out to focus on your breathing through meditation, and quietening racing thoughts when you’re feeling overwhelmed. These processes will help you refine what your main goals are, and what you might put in place to facilitate that process.

For example, when it comes to emotional regulation, you may want to seek out a life coach or NLP practitioner. Where it concerns honing self-reflection skills, meditation sessions, useful and relevant self-help books, and journaling, may be just what you need to get the ball rolling. There are a myriad of ways to begin the journey of personal growth, and no two people’s destination will be the same. We’re all individuals, holding different values, wanting to achieve different things - and that’s okay, because it’s not one size fits all.


I know from my work with clients, that one of the most surprising and delightful outcomes of embarking on such a journey, is the reaction of people around them. Family, friends and colleagues encounter them as more hopeful, confident, brave, and dedicated to improving many areas of their lives, particularly in handling stressful life events. This new positivity leads to more personal growth and a greater sense of overall achievement.

If you’ve been inspired by reading this blog, why don’t you get in touch with myself, Neil Nasser, to see how I might be able to help you leave your comfort zone towards greater self-awareness and personal growth? Utilising this amazing resource is a brilliant way to help you overcome those obstacles that make you feel like your stuck in a rut, better understand your emotions and negative thought patterns, and ultimately have someone to guide along the path of self-discovery and personal growth.

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